[ From the kitchen ]


Food Part 1

Charred edamame 4,5€
Smoked salt, sugar & spices (V, G, L)

Cauliflower wings 9€
Sweet & spicy cauliflower wings with dip of your choice (G, L, *ask for vegan option)

Iberico pork ribs half rack 9,5€ / full rack 18,5€
Sticy ribs, peanuts and chili
(G, L, inc. nuts)



The Beerger 15,5€
Brioche bun, beef patty, spicy n’duja salami, mayonnaise, salted cucumber, tomato, thinly sliced silver onion and rucola (G*, L)

Classic cheese 15€
Classic cheese burger with brioche bun, beef patty, Cheddar cheese, Frenchie’s mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, salted cucumber and silver onion
(G*, L)

Fried chicken 14,5€
Boneless crispy fried chicken with buffalo sauce, brioche, jalapeño-chili mayo, grannys pickled cucumber, paprika relish and shredded salad

Vegetarian Portobello 14,5€
Herb butter filled and deep fried Portobello mushroom, brioche bun, mayonnaise, crispy kale, grannys pickled cucumber and rucola (G*, L)

Beyond All Vegan 15€
Beyond Meat patty, bun, mayonnaise, BBQ-sauce, salted cucumber, cheese, onion, tomato and rucola
(V, G*, L)

(*Ask for gluten free option.)

Make it double + 5€
Add another patty on any burger



A bowl of fries 4,5€
Double cooked handcut fries & homemade ketchup (V, G, L)

Side salad wedges 4€
Salad wedges & vegan dressing (V, G, L)

Dips 2€
Plain mayo (G, L) Blue Cheese (G) Jalapeno-Chili
Sour cream & onion (G, L) Vegan mayonnaise (V, G, L) Hot Sauce (V, G, L)